Craft Sessions

Each day (starting on Saturday and running through Wednesday), a member of the faculty will present a one-hour craft lecture covering an element of creative writing. Topics might include: character development, tracing the narrative path, working in the reflective mode, structure, viewpoint, dialogue, style, tone, sound and rhythm, images, order, etc.

Each of the faculty members will bring their own unique approaches and experiences to the writing craft topic areas which will, in turn, afford participants an exciting opportunity to gain valuable insight into the processes and mechanisms that are the foundation of the creative writing practice.

Past Workshops

Nonfiction Craft Session:

Sue William SilvermanFrom Image to Metaphor: A Generative Lecture. To write creative nonfiction, you need more than a merely good story. More important is to discover, through writing, your metaphors. What does this experience mean?  How can your story become universal? How can your reader relate to a story that, after all, only happened to you? This lecture (with writing exercises and informal discussion) will explore how the writer achieves this by savoring the images from a particular life (think of William Carlos Williams’s adage “no ideas but in things”), and then slanting them, expressing the details, so that they illuminate shared experience of the world around us.

Poetry Craft Session:

Susan Meyers: The Song of Syntax. The syntax of a piece of writing—poetry or prose—is crucial to its music, as well as its meaning. Syntax affects pacing, tension, tone—almost every aspect of the writing. During this hour we’ll take a look at numerous syntactical approaches and at published poems and excerpts of prose chosen for syntactical variety. Bring a draft of a poem or prose piece you’re working on. A class packet is included.

Fiction Craft Session:

Craig Johnson: Character: The Easy way. An in-depth and straight-forward analysis of what makes characters click, providing writers with tools to tell the stories that engage readers.

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