faculty readings

Faculty Readings

Evenings on the island are filled with special and unique sights and sounds–from the night calls of cicadas, owls and frogs, to waves lapping against the sandy beds of driftwood cemeteries, or the shifting winds gusting through the palms–a night at Ossabaw will fire your imagination. And each night after dinner, a member of the faculty will present a one-hour reading of their work. Some writers will choose to showcase their works in progress while others will go back into their publication history to pull out favorites they hope will entertain and inform participants. These readings are designed with two main ideas in mind:

  1. To give the Retreat participants an opportunity to witness and experience the craft of reading by writers who are also highly skilledĀ  in the art of presentation.
  2. To give the faculty members a chance to share their work so that both they and the participants can feel a closer artistic contact between one another–and therefore feel more at ease at sharing their creative ideas and concepts during workshop.

We know you will thoroughly enjoy each and every reading (and gain important insights into the craft of reading that you might use in your own readings as you head back into the world of creative writing outside of Ossabaw Island).